About M Boutique

In 1987, Jan Kaplan and Norma Caron began to make their mark on the Canadian fashion scene. With continued success, they saw first-hand how the landscape grew and changed and in the early 2000s there was a hunger for women’s fashion that was on-trend, at an accessible price point, and in a boutique with superior styling and top-tier customer service.

M Boutique, was born in Toronto in 2009, becoming the first stop online & IRL for the 20 something who is confident in herself and her body, looking for an attainable way to dress like the influencers who inspire her and isn’t worried about a brand name or logo.

Stopping by an M store location, or browsing online, you can always count on what the name “M Boutique” has become the go-to boutique, synonymous with, sexy, fun, flirty fashion that is expertly edited to be in-stores as the trends happen. 

At M Boutique, our values mean everything to us and guide us every day.

Our Values:

  • Our customer trusts that we are their best fashion source, IRL, online and everywhere in between.
  • We believe our customer shouldn’t have to wait. We have fashion trends available ASAP and are committed to quick delivery.
  • We are obsessed with pop culture and fashion trends and how they affect our daily lives.
  • We believe in equality among all, empowering women, embracing your curves and a shared love for all things fashion.
  • We believe that fashion doesn’t need a brand name or a logo to make you feel confident and like your best self.


M Boutique offers something different. It’s more than accessible fashion, it’s a lifestyle.

If you would like to speak with someone, please contact hello@shopmboutique.ca 

M Boutique Toronto office hours are as follows

Monday -  Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.